Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation is an important part of any comprehensive financial plan. Many people feel that investing is too risky or complicated and is only appropriate for wealthy or experienced people. However, the truth is that investing is for everyone.

Simplifying Wealth Creation

At InSync Financial Services we aim to simplify this area of your financial planning and assist clients in making informed decisions, thereby removing the anxiety surrounding investments. Investing can get complicated and there are many factors that need to be taken into account, including: liquidity requirements, tax consequences, investment goals, and the investment horizon. We take a broader view than many when it comes to creating your wealth.

We understand and support the fact that all clients’ needs are different and their wealth creation plans differ. When looking at your financial plan we will take into account any assets that you have acquired. This could include, but is not limited to, assets such as: retirement annuities, group retirement funds, unit trusts, endowments, share portfolios, money market accounts, business interests and property portfolios.

Wealth Creation focuses on the following main aspects:

  • Retirement Products including: Retirement Annuities, Pension & Provident Funds, and Preservation funds;
  • Investment Products including: unit trusts, endowments, share portfolios, offshore investments etc.;
  • Debt Management.