Feature: ‘Tis the Season to Save

I was featured in Money Talks, covering the Festive Season and ways we can save, plan and plan to save. Click on the image below to view the entire article.

Take a good look at your financial situation and decide upfront what you can afford to spend this season, or for each activity,’ advises Sonja Linde, certified financial planner and owner of lnSync Financial Services. ‘If you are already in debt and trying to get out, you need to be even more careful during this time. You wouldn’t want to see the previous months of hard savings and reducing debt wiped out over the space of a couple of days or weeks!’

About the author

Sonja Linde is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ® with an advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning from the University of the Free State. Sonja has accumulated extensive experience in the financial services industry through the past 20+ years in various roles in the industry.

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