I was referred to Sonja by a friend about 6 years ago, when I woke up and realised that I had no idea what my golden years would look like. I am really grateful to have met Sonja. I have found her to be knowledgeable about my retirement years as well as medical aid and all the other queries that go with financial planning.

Sonja has never made me feel pressured into buying into something because the commission would work in her favour. In fact, Sonja has always put my needs first. When I went through a patch of financial hardship due to circumstances beyond my control, Sonja was compassionate and helped me not only put things on hold, but also gave me solid advice.

Please do not hesitate to contact Sonja for any financial planning advice.

I have recommended Sonja to my mother who is also very happy with her services.  Sonja always makes a point of touching base with me once a year to review my plan and tweak it where necessary.

I cannot recommend her enough. I will always go to her for any advice as I know Sonja is honest and puts information in layman’s terms so that my financial planning  is not shrouded in mystery.


I would love to recommend one of our local moms, Sonja Linde from INSYNC Financial Services (Pty) for her awesome services and helping us with our financial planning which includes: Will & Trusts, Administration of Deceased Estates, Lifestyle Financial Planning – Independent Financial Advice on Creating and Protecting Wealth – Retirement, Risk & Estate Planning, Investments, Healthcare. It is always better to be prepared. Thanks Sonja!


Sonja is such a wonderful person and an amazing advisor  –  I have always felt comfortable and “at home” when dealing with her. She was (and still is) very upfront and doesn’t sugar-coat the truth about my financial situation but is not pushy or patronising/condescending even though I only have a small financial portfolio. She gives excellent advice as she doesn’t suggest investments that aren’t going to suit my future requirements. She explains everything in depth and on a level that I can understand so that there is no misunderstanding, which is great as it can be rather overwhelming making the right decisions to secure a good financial retirement. She is so friendly and is a really good listener. She is also interested in me as a person not just as a client and has a wealth of information and advice about all sorts of things. She is never in a hurry when she chats or meets with me and always follows up when she says she will. I feel that my financial future is in safe hands with Sonja and would definitely recommend her to others. I am so glad that I found her.


When I considered retiring, I approached my bank and my Provident Fund manager for retirement advice and was completely underwhelmed by their advice. I had no clue whether my accumulated assets could sustain me into the future. I found Sonja on the FSP website and thus began our journey together towards my retirement. Sonja provided me with a critical and objective view of my financial position. I could as a result make an informed decision to retire aware of all the possible risks. Since my retirement she has provided ongoing support and advice on a range of diverse issues, always considering my best interests first. She comes highly, highly recommended


I was introduced to Sonja by a friend 5 years ago, after she persuaded me I didn’t have to have millions of Rands to need a financial adviser. I was so impressed with Sonja’s calm, gentle way of explaining rather complex and often frightening financial plan options. She spent many hours talking to me and listening to my needs, and then presented me with a financial plan to work towards financial health long-term. Over the years, I have sent her many queries, and each time she’s been very quick to answer and process my request. I often recommend friends to Sonja, and will continue to do so.


I’m so grateful for Sonja. Even the word ‘Financial planning’ makes me feel worried and intimidated. She has been so patient and kind with me and helped explained what these terms mean. Step by step. And gently offered advice- but never in a pushy way. She’s been super helpful with health insurance and checking gap cover to insure everything they need is there and helped me to send through the right stuff when processing a claim. It’s been very reassuring, just having her there to call when I need advice and I am not sure how to proceed. She’s a wonderful person and definitely someone you can trust.


Sonja has expertly managed my financial affairs over the past 15 years with dedication and a great sense of responsibility and transparency. Sonja has always put my needs first and guided me through the complex nature of personal finance in a practical and sensible manner. Sonja has also assisted me in times of personal crisis, going above and beyond the call of duty – something I greatly appreciate. I immigrated to Germany 18 months ago and even so, Sonja has continued to provide expert support where necessary. I highly recommend Sonja Linde and InSync Financial Services.

James S

“I have known Sonja for coming on 12 years now and I cannot say enough how much I trust her and how invaluable her advice has been to me.  I am a compliance officer in the financial services industry and naturally tend to be interrogate and like to question everything in order to fully understand all the details and implications.  Sonja has been amazing with me and my 100 questions.  She has patiently answered each and every one of them, relying on her extensive experience and industry knowledge.  Sonja has always exceed my expectations and I can honestly say has always acted in the best interest of her clients and the industry.   I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to both friends and work colleagues alike and have repeatedly done so over the years, enjoying nothing but positive feedback on each referral.    One of my colleagues even reported to me that at least he had a sense of comfort that should anything happen to him as the main breadwinner in the family, at least his wife had someone trusted to talk to and help with their financial affairs.   This was reward enough for me as this is exactly who Sonja is, a trusted partner. “